Candidate Corner – Closing Your Next Interview

By Jennifer Evans, Executive Legal Recruiter/Partner

Last month Daniele Souza provided some tips on how to stand out from your competition on your next interview.  Piggybacking off her post, I would like to add to it and address the interview “close”.  Few individuals seriously consider closing an interview with a little more than a “Thank you”.

The concept of “closing” is normally reserved for the sales process. However, take a moment to consider what the interview is – A sales meeting consists of an individual presenting his product/service in hopes they will gain a customer’s business. An interview is a meeting where you are presenting your qualifications in hopes of obtaining a job offer.  At the core, are the two actually that different?

The purpose of the “close” is to uncover any hidden objections that the hiring manager may have and to express your interest in moving forward. After you ask some of the great questions Daniele shared with you last month, consider closing the interview with one or two of the following questions:

Top Closing Interview Questions

  • Do you have any additional questions about my background as it relates to this position?
  • Is there anything in my background that would deter you from advancing me to the next step?
  • In comparison to the other candidates you have met, how do I compare?
  • What is the next step?

Listen carefully to the responses.  You want to address the concerns carefully, and with respect – this is not a time to argue. There will be times when you may not be able to overcome the objections; however, the majority of the time, you will.  You will then have the opportunity to address the concerns/objections that are standing in the way of you advancing to the next stage.

Lastly, if you are interested in the position – Say So!  Thank the hiring manager for his time and then express your interest and why.  The key to an effective close is the “Why”.  This is your opportunity to communicate  what interests you about the position, firm, and what you feel you can contribute.  This should not be a canned response, but a genuine response that speaks to your interest and what you uniquely offer. This is your last chance to convince him you are the right person for the job.  Consider this your closing argument (No pun intended).