Candidate Corner – Resume Tips from a Legal Recruiter’s Perspective

by Daniele Souza, Executive Legal Recruiter

I have seen many articles on résumés lately, so I thought it might be a great time to write about résumés from a Recruiter’s perspective to help you in your job search.

With more and more people deciding to start a job search, which many have been putting off for a long time, it is even more important to come into the job market with the best résumé possible – You only have one chance at that first impression! I have a few suggestions I find myself giving repeatedly: less can be more when making a first impression, and do not be afraid to have two versions of your résumé.

A résumé should be concise, while always including a summary of past job duties, significant accomplishments, and qualifications on how you can be an asset to a company. The key is it should not just be a summary of what you did; it needs to speak to what you can offer.   Keep in mind, when a Hiring Manager is looking at your résumé they want to see two things – How can you solve their problems, and how can you help their company be successful?

I also believe you need to have two résumés – A short concise version to present when trying to land an interview, and a more comprehensive résumé to bring to the interview (tailored to the specific job is the best!). This is a great way to initiate a deeper discussion of your qualifications, and it can contribute to a more successful meeting.

I have included a link below to an article that I have referred back to over the years; the content still holds true today. One key point that has always stuck with me is the author’s question, “Why are people so obsessed with their résumé?”, and the answer here is a great one, and so honest, “Because that is the one area we can control of the job search”.  Taking the time to make sure you have a résumé that stands out is an important part of the job search process.  The author goes on to say – “That in reality the average résumé is being read in 10 seconds”.  From a recruiter’s perspective, I can tell you this is SO true.   When putting together your résumé, think about the image and message you want to leave in the little amount of time you have available.

Here is the article for you to enjoy! I would love your feedback on this topic! (Click Here)